Kids Escape Would-Be Kidnapper By Jumping From Moving Car (VIDEO)

So these are some pretty awesome kids. On Sunday, June 21, their mom parked the car at a gas station in Redlands, California, and ducked inside to pay quickly. In the couple of moments she was gone, a thief jacked the car, with the kids still inside!


The girls, ages 10 and 2, likely saved their own lives by jumping out of the car as the criminal drove away. That was some pretty quick thinking, if you ask me. Better to have a broken bone from a bad fall than some other options that might have happened these children.

Police say that the suspect is 24-year-old Cory Michael Ahumada, and he's still wanted for the theft of the 2002 Acura TL, as well as for attempted kidnapping. He was recognized in store surveillance footage, as he had just bought something before stealing the car.

Oh man, I can't even imagine the relief that mom is feeling right now, having her babies safe in her arms. In the video, it's obvious that she had her eye on them, because she immediately started chasing the car.

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According to reports, the 10-year-old grabbed her toddler sister, and they both tumbled out onto the road. They only suffered minor abrasions, thankfully, and even though I bet they're spooked, I bet they're glad to be home with their mama.

Have you ever talked to your kids about what to do if someone tries to kidnap them?


Image via © Car Culture/Corbis

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