Students Bust Their Teacher for Taking Upskirt Photos of Classmates

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A Washington state high school teacher was arrested for taking upskirt photos of his female student. The victim and other students say they caught Matthew Morasch in the act, and there's photographic evidence. 


Imagine the sick feeling you'd get in the pit of your stomach upon hearing this news, if you were a parent at this school. The school sent home notices informing parents of "potentially inappropriate behavior by a teacher in a classroom." Potentially inappropriate behavior?!? That's one way to put it, I guess.

It sounds like Morasch's inappropriate behavior was none too subtle. Students say the teacher took out his phone while sitting across from the victim at a table and started acting strangely. “He was leaning awkwardly, like sitting weird,” the unidentified victim told KPTV. “And he kept clearing his throat and grunting while he was looking down.” 

Ugh, that bit about the grunting and throat clearing just makes it all the more gross, doesn't it?

Three other students supposedly captured the act of voyeurism on their own phone cameras and showed the victim after class. Police detectives reportedly found a photo of a student plus others taken at a store in April on Morasch's phone.

Meanwhile, the victim is being kept at home. Can you imagine how she and her parents are feeling? Everyone at the school probably knows, and even though it's clearly not the student's fault, it would still be horribly embarrassing. She does say she felt "violated," "disgusted and grossed out." Her parents must be furious, but also relieved that the teacher was caught and is being prosecuted.

The victim's mother called the police immediately after she heard her daughter's story. Smart woman!

I bet the students suspected something was off about their teacher. Kids often pick up on the subtle (and not so subtle) cues from adults who have, shall we say, "inappropriate" proclivities. It's frustrating when they try to tell adults and no one listens. This time, someone got evidence. Good for the students who dared to photograph their teacher in the act.


How would you feel if your child's teacher was accused of voyeurism?


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