Mom Posts Picture of Her Baby Drinking & Getting High to Facebook

Why? Why do parents do this, and brag about it like it's something to be proud of? Another parent is at the end of international outrage, after posting photos of her toddler appearing to drink from a cider or beer bottle, and smoking a joint.


The Argentinian mom has thus far not been identified, but authorities are looking into the matter and trying to track her down. When she posted the pictures on Facebook, her page was blasted with hate messages, but her account has been deleted.

That hasn't stopped users from around the world from banding together to try to find her. Hopefully someone will speak up, because this child obviously needs some protection.

In the first photo, the child, who looks to be about 2 years old, has his head tipped back while an adult pours a beverage from a glass bottle into his mouth. It's hard to tell, but it looks like some sort of alcoholic beverage, especially with the caption, "Look how he drinks."

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The second photo makes that one look tame (after all, we can't really tell if it's alcoholic), because the tot is seen with what looks like a marijuana cigarette hanging out of his mouth. The mother added: "my cute baby, you're high, from your mother."

MY CUTE HIGH BABY? There is nothing cute about this at all -- it's deeply disturbing. Although I'm hoping this is a "joke," because I hate to think of the damage caused to that little developing mind and body, what kind of parent thinks it's funny to joke about their toddler being high?

This woman obviously needs a wake-up call and some help -- her kid deserves to have a mom who will take care of him, not get him drunk or high before he's out of diapers.

Are you appalled by this mom?


Image via © Richard T. Nowitz/Corbis

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