Mom of 2 Who Went Missing After Online Date Is Found

nicole white found dead woodsA heartbreaking discovery has been made in the case of a mother of two from Washington who had been missing for two weeks. The body of Nicole White, 28, was found wrapped in a tarp in a wooded area over the weekend, bringing her family's search to a devastating close. 


White didn't return home following a June 6 date at a bar with a man she met online. While they haven't determined the cause of death yet, police believe the young mom's body was intentionally hidden.

As tragic as this is -- especially for her children -- Nicole's dad, Eddie, is just grateful for closure. He told Q13 Fox:

I'm very lucky that, at least for Father's Day, I got a gift, they found my daughter Nicole. She's not here with us but God has her in her arms.

This poor man. For him to call this news "a gift" just shows the torment and anguish he must have been going through every minute of each day.
For these kids to lose their mom is such a horrific way is simply unfathomable. Our hearts go out to this family at this incredibly difficult time.
Does this story make you feel differently about online dating?  
Image @ Aleksey Stemmer/shutterstock
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