Woman Who Was Kidnapped & Molested as a Child Tries to Solve the Case 34 Years Later

On May 31, 1981, Kelly Heller-Gutai was just nine years old, when she was abducted from her home by a strange man. She thankfully got away, but not before being assaulted and traumatized. More than three decades later, she is trying to solve the cold case on her own.


A bizarre series of circumstances seemed to lead to the kidnapping, and the perpetrator was never caught. Kelly said that she was home helping her brothers prepare for their paper route when the man knocked on their door.

He knew their names, and told the young girl that she had won a newspaper contest for money and prizes, and asked her to go with him in his car to claim them. Kelly said that when she got in, "his story changed," and he said that he was taking her to a park for a picnic and games.

That's when he allegedly tried to sexually assault her. "He grabbed me down below and told me to take my clothes off, and I said no," Heller-Gutai said.

The kidnapper became enraged when shedidn't comply with his wishes, and she said that he put her in a headlock and punched her in the face multiple times, before leaving her in a field in Upper Saucon Township in Pennsylvania.

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She was found by Beverly McCartney, who said that she knocked on her door, barefoot and covered in blood. She helped her call the police, but said that she never heard from her again.

While there were several news stories on the kidnapping at the time, the case soon went cold, and Kelly said that police haven't talked to her about it in 34 years.

"It's been kept a big secret all of my life and the stories just aren't adding up. This was not random. I was targeted," Heller-Gutai wrote on Facebook. She's trying to use social media to help her solve the case, saying, "I just need closure."

The whole case is bizarre, and I can't imagine living with the knowledge that you were a targeted victim, without knowing why, and without the captor ever being caught. I don't blame her a bit for finally trying to solve the case on her own.

Bethlehem Police Department chief Mark DiLuzio told the local news that they're pulling old records and looking into it, but so far efforts have been fruitless. McCartney, the woman who helped Kelly call the police the night she showed up at her doorstep, said that she was told several years ago that they had identified a possible suspect, and would make an arrest if the girl could identify him, but she was never called in. When McCartney asked about it, she was told that the officer had been taken off the case.

It definitely sounds like something fishy happened. How did the kidnapper know Kelly and her brother's names? Why didn't the police call her in to make an identification? Why did he let her go in the middle of nowhere?

Whatever happened, I hope this woman gets some answers and closure.

What do you think happened to Kelly?


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