Mom Admits Killing Her 2 Kids But Not Without Exposing the Truth About Their Fathers

mom of 2 kids found dead detroitMake no mistake, murdering your own children is one of the worst things a woman can possibly do. But when Detroit mom Mitchelle Blair admitted killing two of her children she added something that hints at the part her children's fathers played in their murders.


"Yes, I did kill her!" Blair shouted in court during a hearing that would decide custody for her remaining 8-year-old son and 17-year-old daughter. Workers who appeared at Blair's house to evict her (for failing to pay rent) found the bodies of Blair's 13-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son in the freezer.

"I did it! I never tried to say I didn't. I did it! But that does not negate the fact that they were never there for their children," she yelled in the direction of her dead children's fathers, who were also in court.

Blair is responsible for the abuse she committed with her own two hands. And she knows that. But she raises an important point. Where were these kids' fathers? Did they know she was abusing their kids? Did they ever try to intervene or take custody of their own flesh and blood?

Assistant Attorney General Kelli Megyesi says the children endured "torture, terror, psychological dehumanization, physical dehumanization, desertion, abandonment." But she didn't leave the fathers off the hook, either. The men, Megyesi says, were indirectly responsible for the children's murders because they "failed to protect" them from an abusive and neglectful mother.

What kind of man leaves his child with a woman who tortures children?

It's a wonder the two men even bothered to show up at court to fight for custody. At least one of them had seen evidence of abuse but didn't do much about it aside from reporting it to CPS. Regardless, the fathers' appearance at the hearing was too little too late. In addition to each losing a child at the hands of their mother, they also lost custody of their remaining children.

Blair is responsible for the crimes she committed. But those fathers have blood on their hands, too.

Image via Detroit Free Press


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