If Middle School Girls’ ‘Hit List’ Really Was Just a Joke, No One Is Laughing

Two young Michigan teenagers have been arrested for allegedly making plans to shoot and kill dozens of their classmates and several of their teachers. The girls, ages 13 and 14, told the authorities that their "hit list" was just a joke, but the police are taking their detailed plans to murder 31 other students and seven teachers very seriously.


They were turned in by another student, who found the girls' plan in one of their notebooks, and handed it over to the principal. Authorities believe that they may have been "inspired" by the 1999 Columbine High School massacre. The attack was supposed to take place "in the near future," according to the plans.

The detective who filed the complaint and request for juvenile delinquency proceedings wrote, "The plan detailed a map of the gym, awaiting for the students to be at an assembly and also bringing in small guns in backpacks while trying to overtake the office and staff, and then taking out the people who have wronged them."

"Both admitted to knowing this plan," the petition continued, adding that one of the the girls "had spoken (with the other girl) about obtaining weapons from her dad, [and] had watched Columbine videos on YouTube recently."

The detective also said, "(She) thought this would be a good way to deal with the kids bothering her ... She initially said it was a joke but had gone (through) a lot of planning."

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Ugh, I hate stories like this! I hate to think that kids who should be more concerned with nail polish and crushes and algebra and zits decided to come up with a plan to murder their classmates. Joke or not, there's obviously something very wrong going on here.

The teens are being held without bail in Children's Village, pending a June 8 pretrial hearing. If convicted of threatening to commit an act of terrorism and making a false report to another person, they could both be held in a juvenile facility until their 19th birthdays.

I really, really hope this was just a case of some very bad judgment and a cry for help. It's hard to believe that junior high girls could be so sinister.

Do you think the hit list was a joke?


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