Woman's Beloved Dog Dies of Heatstroke at Petco After Groomer Forgets About Him

Allison Marks got some devastating news last week, when she called to check on her two-year-old golden retriever at the groomer's. She'd taken Colby Jack to the Chesterfield County Petco in Virginia for a routine grooming appointment, but hadn't heard back from the store to tell her that his session was over.


Instead of gathering up her clean pup, the widow was asked to meet the store's assistant manager at an animal hospital. There, a veterinarian told her that Colby had died from a heatstroke, after accidentally being left in a heated drying cage.

The pooch's temperature was reportedly 105 degrees a full hour after his death. Marks, who already lost her husband, said that losing Colby was like "losing a child." She also said it was the worst day of her life since her husband's death.

Marks said that Colby had been going to the same store to be groomed since he was a puppy, and it "sickens" her that they let something like this happen. I agree -- who would think that their pet would be in danger at the groomer's? My own furbaby loves the extra attention she gets going to the "doggie spa." It would never cross my mind that she might not be safe there.

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So how in the world did this happen? According to Petco, the employee in charge of Colby Jack put him in the dryer cage, and forgot about him before leaving to attend a graduation. Petco said they were "heartbroken" by the incident, and have suspended all employees involved.

The company said, "The health and safety of pets is always our top priority and we take full responsibility for all animals under our care ... We are taking immediate action to investigate and understand the situation. Our thoughts are with Colby's family at this difficult time."

Marks said she plans to file charges against the store to "get justice for Colby." She added, "I don't want anyone else to go through what I'm going through."

It's hard to believe that this happened in a professional setting, and it's a good reminder that when you're working with pets, you owe it to them and their human families to double check yourself to make sure they stay safe.

Would you ever worry about your pet's safety at the groomer's?


Image via Allison Marks/Facebook

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