Natalee Holloway's Dad Has New Hope His Daughter's Body May Still Be Found

Natalee Holloway disappeared 10 years ago this month while on a high school graduation trip to Aruba, but her father has never given up the hope of finding out what happened to her. Dave Holloway doesn't believe his daughter is still alive, but thanks to a recent tip he received, he hopes that he can recover her remains.


He had believed that her body was thrown into the ocean after being a victim of foul play, but he recently heard from an alleged witness who claimed to have seen Jordan van der Sloot carrying Natalee's body on the night she disappeared. 

Van der Sloot, then 17, was seen with Natalee the night she disappeared, but he was never charged in her case. He is currently serving time in a Peruvian prison after being convicted of murdering Stephany Flores in 2010, so it's not a stretch to believe that he may have been involved in Natalee's disappearance.

Dave Holloway recently sat down with CNN's Martin Savidge to discuss a new lead in the case. He said that he heard from a man named Jurrien de Jong years ago, who claimed to have seen van der Sloot carrying Natalee's body on a construction site the night she was last seen. He said he brushed it off at first, but now that the case has gone cold, he's eager to revisit the clue.

Holloway remembered what de Jong had told him about what he saw:

He says that a car pulls up and Joran and Natalee get out of the vehicle. This is on May 30, (2005) and this vehicle pulls into the parking lot at the Marriott hotel, and you can see a construction site and you can see the Holiday Inn ... and this area is enclosed with a chained fence. He says that Natalee says, "Well the gate's locked," and (Van der Sloot) says something about, "Well I know a trick," and somehow he, I guess, unwraps the chain and they go in ...

Then he sees them go across the construction site, and they get up on the platform, which I presume to be the foundation of the Spyglass Tower, and they run up to an area that's got half of a stairway built and they go up that and he loses sight of them. Then, approximately five minutes later he says they emerge with Joran carrying Natalee in his arms and apparently he knew that she was not living. He put her down on the concrete slab and then jumped down off of it and put her body down on the ground and then went and dug an opening under the slab and then put her body in it and then covered it back up and walked out.

Savidge pointed out that the Marriott told the authorities that no significant construction was going on at that point, to which Holloway replied, "I can tell you for a fact. I was there on June 1, and there was definitely construction in that area."

About three weeks ago, Holloway said he had the opportunity to go down to Aruba with cadaver dogs, but that they were "blocked in the areas [they] wanted to search." He called it a failed mission, but he still hopes to get lucky.

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When asked if he would ever stop searching for answers about what happened to his daughter, Holloway said, "No. As a parent you'll never stop. Never. I mean, your child is off in a foreign country and you want to bring her back home, and I've got the means and the ability to go down there and check and do it, and if I'm willing and able to do it, then I always will."

Personally, I think this new lead is likely a wild goose chase, but I can't blame Dave Holloway for pursuing every avenue possible. As a parent, I can't imagine the pain and uncertainty of not knowing what happened to my child.

Would you ever give up looking for your missing child?


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