Police Seen Knocking 8-Month Pregnant Woman to Ground in Disturbing Video

This hasn't been the best year PR-wise for the police, and apparently, it's not getting better any time soon. Police in Southern California knocked a woman to the ground and roughly arrested her on pretty weak charges ... while she was shouting at them to be careful because she was pregnant.


The whole thing was caught on the police officer's body cam and released by The American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, who took up the case against the police department. Watch it here:

First of all, we thought these body cameras were supposed to make the police behave better, but apparently not?? At least they're doing their job (that's the cameras, not the police) by catching stuff like this on video and keeping the police accountable for their actions.

Second of all, what's even going on in this video? There are obviously two sides to the story, but if you listen all the way to the end of the video, it's clear that the policeman is only listening to the first woman's version. 

The worst of it starts when the second woman refuses to give the police her name. The officer wearing the camera keep telling her she has to, but guess what: She doesn't.

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According to two big Supreme Court cases (Terry v. Ohio and Hiibel v. Sixth Judicial District Court of Nevada, if you're keeping track), you're only legally obligated to give your name to the police if they suspect you're involved in a crime. But, if you'll remember, the police officer in this video told the first woman that no crime was committed. (He also didn't ask her what her name was, but that's a different discussion).

That means that the second woman was in no way obligated to share her name, and that means that she was wrestled to the ground and arrested for no reason.

But even if there was a crime, that's no way to treat someone involved in a driving related incident. If she were pointing a gun at his head? Sure, wrestle away. Here, though, there was nothing going on that warranted a wrestling match. 

Even worse is that she tells the officers over and over that she's pregnant and doesn't want to hurt her baby, but they don't let up on the roughness at all. Babies are fragile creatures, especially before they're born, and losing a baby is never an easy thing. But these police officers obviously don't seem to care. And that's kind of messed up.

After being pushed into the police cruiser, the woman was booked for "resisting or obstructing a police officer." But those charges were quickly dropped by the judge, because guess what: They're absurd.

She was treated unfairly and cruelly by police officers who are supposed to have our safety (and the safety of our unborn children, you'd think) as a priority. But the police proved (once again) that that's not always the case.

Did you think the body cameras on police officers would stop incidents like this?


Image via NY Daily News

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