Serial Killer Nurse Tricked Doctors Into Poisoning Their Own Patients

A Filipino NHS nurse has been jailed for life, after being convicted of multiple counts of poisoning and at least two counts of murder. 49-year-old Victorino Chua, whom detectives described as a "narcissistic psychopath, injected insulin into saline bags and ampules at Stepping Hill hospital in Stockport during June and July 2011. Doctors and other nurses then unknowingly used those contaminated products to treat their patients.


That's the scariest part about this story -- Chua didn't directly poison his victims. He made other health care professionals into his victims too, by causing them to poison their patients with contaminated products. Reports indicate that he also changed or deleted dosages on patients' charts, so many were either over or under-medicated. 

The hospital was almost shut down over Chua's actions, before it was discovered that he had poisoned the saline supply. During the investigation, it was found that Chua's medical qualifications contained several inconsistencies, which has raised fears about unqualified foreign nurses working in British hospitals.

On Monday, Justice Openshaw found him guilty of murdering Tracy Arden, 44, and Alfred Weaver, 83. Grant Misell, 41, survived, but was left brain-damaged from being poisoned.

Openshaw said:

It is a striking, sinister and truly wicked feature of the case that he did not personally administer contaminated products directly to most of these patients for, having left saline bags and ampoules contaminated with insulin in the treatment rooms, he did not know which nurse would innocently collect them, still less to which patient the nurse would then unwittingly administer the poison.

Thus, nearly all the victims were chosen at random; it is as if he left it to fate to decide who would be the victim.

During the trial, prosecutors showed the jury a note Chua had written at his home after his arrest. In it, he called himself "an angel turned into an evil person," and said, "there's a devil in me."

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He reportedly did not react as he was also found guilty of 22 counts of attempted grievous bodily harm, one count of grievous bodily harm, seven counts of attempting to administer poison, and one count of administering poison.

I can't even imagine this kind of evil. When you check into a hospital, you never dream that there may be people there who randomly want to hurt you just for the sake of causing pain and/or death. And to do it in a way that makes other people administer the poison? That's just sick.

Does this case make you feel sick?


Image via Manchester Police

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