Wealthy Parents Accused of 'Stalking' Coach Who Benched Their Son

It's tough when our kids don't make the first cut on the team, and as much as we may tell them that every team-member is important, of course we'd rather see them being a star instead of warming the bench. But usually you encourage them to practice more, or find another sport more suited to their talents, you don't cyberbully the coach for not putting your kid in the game.


That's allegedly what happened to one New Jersey coach, who claims that he was harassed by the wealthy parents of a student at Cresskill High School.

David and Nanci Kushner are well-to-do parents who have been charged with harassment related to "anonymous email correspondence" sent to their son's varsity basketball coach in an attempt to force him to quit his job. They apparently were unhappy that their son was benched.

No word on why the boy was benched, but good for this coach for not backing down to the pressure. Even if these apparent nightmare parents didn't send those communications, someone did, and we all know how hard it is do deal with some parents who think their kids' crap doesn't stink.

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Anyway, coach Michael Doto claims that Kushners have sent four emails to school officials under fake names trying to get him fired, made up an email account coachdoto@gmail.com to harass him with messages, and sent four upsetting letters letters directly to his home.

Doto said in a statement, "It has been a scary experience for my family and I."

Nanci's lawyer, Remi Spencer, said the charges are baseless. "Nanci vehemently denies these allegations, and she is anxious to have her day in court," she said on her client's behalf. Both parties will plead not guilty to all charges, including the most serious one, fourth-degree stalking.

Are you surprised that parents have been accused of bullying a coach who benched their son?


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