13-Year-Old Fights Off Attacker Who Followed Her Home But He's Still Out There (VIDEO)

sexual predator san jose caFor parents of kids who come home from school to an empty house day after day, this will sound like your worst nightmare: Your child being followed home and then attacked by a stranger. That's exactly what happened to a San Jose 13-year-old girl, but she fought back. Her struggle was caught on the family's security camera -- and it will give you chills.


The attacker is still at large.

You can see the teen, whose identity is being protected, walking towards her house with a man stalking her a few feet behind. He approaches her on the porch as she unlocks her door. She says he told her he was lost and asked for directions before forcing his way into the house.

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From there, cameras capture his violent attack -- and the teen fighting back. She managed to slap his face before backing away. It seems to stun him, and amazingly he does not lunge at her again, but leaves.

The teen immediately texted her father: "DADDY COME HOME NOW. SOME GUY TRIED TO RAPE ME."

Oh that dad -- I can only imagine the horror and heartbreak he must have felt at that moment. But what a relief that the attacker did not succeed. The teen was impressively brave in fighting back. And it's a good thing the family had security cameras.

It turns out the suspected predator isn't just after teens. It appears he is the same man who followed a 28-year-old woman into a grocery store restroom and tried to assault her a month ago. Police are posting images of the attacker to Facebook so people can help find him.

SEX ASSAULT SUSPECT: The San Jose Police Department is asking for the public’s help in finding a man who attacked a...

Posted by ABC7 News on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How do you think your child would react if he or she were followed home by a stalker and attacked like this? 


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