Teacher Arrested for Burning 'I Heart Mom' Into Student's Arm With Tesla Coil

Oh geez. As parents, you put your trust into your kids' teachers, but every so often, stories like this come along and we all raise our eyebrows and question what we're doing. An Oregon teacher has been accused of "using a Tesla coil to burn the phrase 'I love mom' into students' arms."


Samuel Dufner of South Salem High School was arrested on Tuesday, for allegedly burning the phrase "I love mom" into his students' arms. Now I am a fan of Mothers' Day surprises from my kids' school, but this is a bit much.

The prosecutor in the case apparently isn't filing charges at this time. Salem police Lt. Steve Birr said that the students were given the option to participate in the activity. Apparently, Dufner only allowed his students to write that they loved their moms on their skin after they flat-out begged him to show them how.

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The marks have since faded, according to Lt. Birr. According to reports, the students wanted to burn "I love mom" into their arms, using the heart sign to symbolize their love.

The investigation against Dufner continues, according to Marion County Deputy District Attorney Doug Hanson. Additionally, the Salem-Keizer School District placed Dufner on leave.

Does anyone else seem confused by this and want more answers? Were the tattoos temporary or not? It seems like a pretty crucial point in this case.

How would you feel if your kid came home with an "I <3 Mom" tattoo from science class?


Image via Dr Case/Flickr

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