Woman Who Tweeted '2 Drunk 2 Care' Before Killing 2 Friends In Crash Gets What Was Coming to Her

A young woman who proved over social media that she knew just how inebriated she was before causing a fatal car accident in 2013 will be seriously punished for her actions. Kayla Mendoza was 20 when she tweeted "2 Drunk 2 Care" before getting into her car and speeding the wrong way down the Sawgrass Expressway in Coral Springs, Florida, where she crashed into another car and killed two 21-year-old girls. Now she will spend the next 24 years of her life thinking about what she did while behind bars.


Mendoza says she was fighting with her boyfriend on the night of the Nov. 16, 2003, accident. She drank so much alcohol that, by the time she got into her car and drove between 86 and 94 miles per hour above the speed limit down the wrong side of the highway, her blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit. She also had marijuana in her system at the time.

Her drunk driving cost the lives of two young women: Marisa Catronio and Kaitlyn Ferrante, who were best friends.

In court, Mendoza claimed she didn't the remember the night or the fatal crash and that she only recalls going out to get drinks with coworkers. A receipt from the restaurant they visited shows she ordered two large, fish-bowl sized house margaritas and two drinks of Patron tequila. Judging by the lack of food on the receipt, it is assumed she drank all of this alcohol on an empty stomach.

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Mendoza also told the judge her boyfriend prompted her to tweet the thoughtless message about her state of mind at the time. After pleading guilty to two DUI counts of manslaughter in February, she has been sentenced to 24 years in prison, six years of probation, and will have her driver's license permanently revoked. The maximum penalty she faced was 30 years, which the families of both girls asked the judge to enforce.

Prior to her sentencing, Mendoza stood up in court and read a letter asking the families of the two victims to forgive her.

"No matter how much time passes, they will never leave my heart. I think about them everyday and I regret my choices everyday," she wrote. "I don't remember deciding to drive that night so I can't even tell you what was going through my mind when I made that decision. I have no excuses for anything I've done, I just ask for forgiveness."

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