Cops Tweet Stoner's 'To Do' List -- Who Says They Don't Have Goals? (PHOTO)

Oh my. Of all the things to put on a "to do" list, you'd think that you'd leave off the part about getting stoned. But then again, everyone needs goals, right? Police in Australia decided to share a pot-smoker's list of things to do on a Saturday, and it has taken social media by storm for its hilarity.


The police in Murdoch (a suburb of Perth), tweeted out this fantastic list they found after being granted a search warrant to ferret out a burglar. It is unknown if the list belongs to said criminal, but I'll go ahead and assume not, since "commit a crime" isn't listed.

Then again, maybe "rob someone" was on Friday's to-do list.

This is a numbered list, people, one full of very important things. First things first -- get up. Then find bus fare. Then walk to the bus station. Then actually catch the bus. Man, we're not even to number five yet, and it's already exhausting!

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After taking the bus, it's time for a stoner's paradise of a lunch consisting of chips and gravy. Chips are fries, by the way. After that greasy treat, a trip to Kmart is definitely needed to "shopp." Because what else would you sandwich between lunch and getting high?

Then it's back to the bus stop, presumably with hair dye from Kmart in hand, because number eight on this list is "dye hair." Then it's time to wrap up the day with "go home and get a stick," and "chop up and get stoned."

Possessing small amounts of marijuana has been decriminalized in Australia, although it's still illegal, so the owner of this list was likely not arrested. Then again, if they didn't find pot on him, can you really arrest a person for putting "get stoned" on their to-do list?

Did this list crack you up?


Image via ©Richard Hutchings/CORBIS

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