Parents Charged with Letting 6-Year-Old Girl's Teeth Rot So Bad She Could Have Died (VIDEO)

Parents in Lehigh Township, Pennsylvania are being investigated in the deaths of three children after their 6-year-old was found to have teeth so rotted that she could have lost her life.


Police began investigating the couple after the mom, Jessica Hoffman, had a 34-week stillborn child in December, and then tested positive for methamphetamine use. Investigators eventually discoverd that the couple's 6-year-old daughter had teeth so horrible and neglected that she needed surgery -- which the parents then failed to take her in for.

One dentist said her teeth were the worst he had ever seen, and that she had an infection that could have killed her.

The dentist testified that 16 of the little girl's 20 teeth were either absessed, needed to be pulled, or had severe root rot and decay. Sounds horrific.

It normally takes decades to get to the point where one's teeth are this bad, so you can only imagine that even if the girl happened to have a propensity towards bad teeth, her teeth were not being taken care of. Was she being brushed at all? Sounds like she had never seen a dentist, either.

The dentist, Dr. Eugene McGuire, testified that when his office tried to schedule surgery for the girl that the mother hung up on him. He then assumed the little girl had gone elsewhere for surgery. But it turned out the parents had refused to pay $5,000 for the surgery -- totally unacceptable since this little girl would have been in a lot of pain, and I imagine eating could not have been easy. Plus, her teeth were so bad she could have died. Beg for the money if you have to!

Eventually, the couple changed health insurance providers and the girl did get dental care -- but you have to wonder about parents who let this go on for so long. Does not sound right at all.

Now the parents are under investigation for the deaths of three other children -- who who died at birth, and one who died at 7-months-old of pneumonia. Police want to know if neglect was the issue there as well.

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The parents will already stand trial for the endangering the welfare of a child in the case of the little girl with the rotted teeth. I don't know how, as a parent, you can watch your child's teeth slowly rot away.

Image via The Morning Call

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