Wife Shares Heartbreaking Promise She Made to Husband Shot by James Holmes

James HolmesJames Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado Dark Knight theater killer, is on trial and the testimony from the victims who lived through the horror is chilling. Katie Medley, who was 9-months pregnant at the time of the attack, is just one of many who had a heartbreaking story to tell about that devastating evening.


Medley testified that she was just one week away from having her baby when she and her husband decided to check out the new Batman film at the midnight showing. Everything changed in an instant when she saw James Holmes step into the theater from a back exit wearing a gas mask and carrying a gun with a scope on it.

Medley said she immediately dove to the floor, but her husband, Caleb, remained in his seat. She said she couldn't understand why until she saw blood gushing from his face and realized he'd been shot.

Medley thought he was dead, but after grabbing his hand, she realized that he'd been shot through the eye, but was still alive, and was gasping and choking on his blood.

Medley told the courtroom:

I told him that I loved him and that I would take care of our baby if he didn't make it.

I can't imagine the sheer terror this mom was going through -- and yet at the same time she still had enough wits about her to try and make her husband's last moments somewhat more peaceful by assuring him that their baby would be all right.

Two days later, Medley gave birth. As she was laboring, her husband was in brain surgery. He would survive, but he would never be the same. Caleb can't walk or speak. He communicates in grunts, and testified by pointing to letters on a board to spell out his answers. Absolutely tragic.

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This poor dad will never get to be the father he would have been had Holmes not entered that theater -- he will never get to run and play with his child. He will never get to say "I love you," though he will show that in his own ways. He will never get to be an equal parter to Medley, and able to help her raise a child in the way he would have otherwise.

They had so much to look forward to, and the couple were almost there -- until Holmes walked into that theater armed to the teeth and aiming to kill.

Holmes has plead not guilty by reason of insanity.


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