School Principal Obsessed With 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Takes Things Way Too Far With Staff

No doubt that there are many ardent Fifty Shades of Grey fans in the world, given the erotic novel-turned-movie's popularity, but there's a time and place to show your enthusiasm for the BDSM fantasy. A lawsuit has been filed against a Coney Island public school principal, who allegedly disgusted her assistant principal with her obsession with Fifty Shades and all things kinky-sex related.


Andre Dash, the former assistant principal of P.S. 370, claims in the suit that Susan Goldberg "battered him with unwelcome sex talk that was part of a larger campaign of discrimination that ultimately led to his losing the job, according to the suit."

He was promoted to the position in 2008, which put him directly under Goldberg. He says that he was immediately inundated by her "unsolicited discussions of her sexual liaisons and tastes."

The suit also claims, "Goldberg discussed the book Twelve Shades of Gray," a misstatement of the actual novel, which includes 38 more shades of grey that would've been totally offended if they were left out. Dash also said, "During administrative meetings she passed her phone around showing pictures of male penises."

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In addition to being allegedly obsessed with kinky sex and all things Christian Grey, Dash claims that Goldberg walked around with her pants open and made suggestive movements in front of him. And she showed off her multiple tattoos on her stomach and lower back -- and her belly button ring.

Dash believes that he was treated shoddily because he was the only black administrator at the time. He is suing the board of education for unspecified damages.

I'm not sure race necessarily had anything to do with it, but if Dash's claims are true, that's a terrible work environment! It's one thing to mention Fifty Shades in passing over the water cooler, but this chick seems over-the-top in her obsession.

Do you think Fifty Shades of Grey is contributing to sexual harassment in the workplace?


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