Woman Faces Arrest Because She Likes Marriage a Bit Too Much​

While most dating women in New York City are busy getting future faked, slow faded, and faux-girlfriended, one woman has been busy -- very busy -- getting married. So busy in fact that there's a warrant for her arrest. Liana Barrientos may only be 39 years old, but she's been married more than women twice her age -- ten times in 11 years. The only problem is that she neglected to divorce any of her husbands.


Barrientos' addiction to love (and marriage) was found out when she got married again in 2010. Her busiest bridal year was 2002, when she was married six times. Incredible, most single ladies in New York can hardly get a guy to commit to a second date and here this woman is getting six guys to commit to marriage in a year.

So, there's got to be something really wrong with this picture. No way does a woman find this many men to marry unless she's Liz Taylor. A similar case found that the woman was marrying many men in a "cash for citizenship" arrangment, so maybe that is what is going on here, but who knows ... maybe she truly just falls in love really easily, and has a terrible memory, and can never quite remember her last marriage. Sounds plausible, right?

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I've watched enough ID channel to know that usually when women are marrying up a storm like this, it's about money. And some women just seem to have the "golden touch" in terms of getting guys to pop the question.

Well, if Barrientos doesn't go to prison for her alleged bigamy, I suggest she start teaching courses for New York City ladies on how to bag a husband. I suspect it would be a big hit!

How did you manage to get your guy to settle down?

Update: Barrientos has been arraigned and prosecutors accuse her of marrying men from foreign countries to get them U.S. citizenship. And I totally thought it was true love!

Image via Francisco Osorio/Flickr

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