Boy With Uniform & Gun Pretends to Be a Cop for Years Until He's Finally Busted for 'Impersonation' at Ice Cream Shop

A teen who wanted to be a cop so badly that he long impersonated one has been arrested. Well, the upside is he's going to see the inside of a real police station! Chance LaCasse, a 19-year-old from New Hampshire, has long been obsessed with being a cop, and would dress up like one and post the photos to Instagram. But reportedly this wasn't enough for him, and he went to a local ice cream shop pretending to be a cop. Scarily enough, he was even carrying a handgun.


LaCasse reportedly walked into a King Kone ice cream parlor in Merrimack, New Hampshire, wearing a state police jacket with a Glock holstered to his hip.

The costume didn't really fool anyone though, given that LaCasse has the face of a 12-year-old, despite being 19. Reportedly, LaCasse's police uniform was so unconvincing, people thought it was an April Fools' prank -- though a little late. Someone called the actual police, and the teen was arrested on a felony impersonation charge.

It turns out that LaCasse has long been smitten with the police -- and for two years had been dressing up as a cop and posting the photos online:

LaCasse has been posing in police garb for two years on Instagram -- and even had one photo of himself inside of a police cruiser. Another photo showed a German Shepherd, the top choice for K-9 units, a which he reportedly bought himself. The account has since been deleted.

It's unclear exactly what's going on here and how this teen was able to get police outfits as well as a gun -- and even a police car! Is someone he knows a cop? Are his parents aware of his obsession? How does a kid just regularly dress up like a cop to take pics -- even outside -- and no one notices? And how does he walk out the door dressed like that?

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In the best case scenario, this is a kid who desperately wants to be a man in blue and can apply to be one when he turns legal age. In the worst, this kid needs some serious help. Someone needs to get to the bottom of his obsession.

What do you think his punishment should be?

Images via New Hampshire Trooper's Association and Instagram

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