$200 Ticket Issued to Woman Putting On Lip Balm While at Red Light

Imagine this: You are at a red light. You know you have some seconds to spare before driving again, so you reach into your bag and pull out your lip balm. You apply. Put it away. Light turns green. You drive. We've all done this, correct? I have. (Admitting this doesn't retroactively get me a ticket, right?) Stephanie Fragoso, 37, did this and she got herself a $200 ticket in Las Vegas after being was pulled over for applying Chapstick at a red light.


Fragoso was on her way to the Department of Motor Vehicles (I am not making this up!) when she was pulled over on April 1st. Crazy! This was no April Fool's joke. Here she was on her way to the Earth's version of Hell, and she gets in trouble with the law for moisturizing her lips. I'm all for ticketing distracted drivers, but this seems a little bit extreme. The light was red. Her car was stopped. She wasn't applying a full face of makeup. Just a little lip chap. And $200! That's insane.

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Apparently the Nevada Highway Patrol has a zero tolerance law in place for drivers doing things other than driving when they should be just driving, and this includes when they are idling at a red light. I get the no texting, no talking on phone, no eating soup, no shaving your legs, but I'm going to say that a little application of lip balm is the same as changing the radio station.

Fragoso told The Washington Post that the officer pulling her over did feel bad he had to ticket her, but he did. Perhaps he's making an example of her. And so I thought spreading the good word and letting everyone know this is happening might spare some people from having to shell out $200 for putting on a little lip balm at a red light. Don't do it. Keep those lips dry until you get into the parking lot and the car is off.

Have you ever put on lip balm while driving? Or at a red light? What do you think of Fragoso getting this ticket?


Image via Desi/Flickr

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