'Empire' Star Taraji P. Henson Forced to Admit She Made Major Mom Mistake (VIDEO)

Taraji P. HensonEmpire star Taraji P. Henson created quite a stir when she accused a member of the LAPD of racially profiling her college-aged son. But now she's saying, Whoops, my bad! Henson took to Instagram to issue the officer a groveling apology after dash cam footage showed that not only did the officer have the right to pull over her son, but he went very gently on him to the point of not even issuing him a ticket despite quite a few violations!


It all started when Glendale, California police pulled over Henson's 20-year-old son, Marcell Johnson. The actress initially accused police of stopping her son because he had his "hands in his pockets." She then vowed to not enroll her son at the University of Southern California and send him to primarily African-American Howard College instead. She declared: "I'm not paying $50,000 so I can't sleep at night wondering is this the night my son is getting racially profiled on campus."

The police chief and the college vowed to investigate. They did, and now Henson has egg on her face.

It turns out that far from racially profiling her son, the cop who stopped him did so because he whizzed through a crosswalk with a yellow flashing light and a pedestrian in it -- certainly enough reason to stop anyone.

Dash cam footage shows the officer politely explaining to Johnson why he was stopped. He does repeatedly ask the young man if he's been arrested before -- something I suspect wouldn't happen to, say, a white woman, but well, it could have been much worse.

Eventually, Johnson admits to having marijuana and unprescribed Ritalin in the car. The cop then gives him a citation for the weed, but not for the moving violation, which would have gone on his driver's license.

All in all, the cop was extremely fair to the young man, especially considering he'd been smoking two hours before he was pulled over. He did pass a sobriety test.

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Realizing her mistake in jumping to conclusions, Henson wrote on Instagram:

Kudos to Henson for being big enough to admit she was wrong and apologizing. And certainly kudos to the cop for being kind and professional. And even kudos to Johnson for being honest and cooperative. These are the kinds of police stops of black men we need to see more often.

This just goes to show you that there are compassionate cops out there -- and not all of them are racist profilers, and that people should gather the facts before making accusations of racism. Without dash cam footage, this cop's career could have been over.

Wonder if Taraji will send her son to USC now?

Image via Alex Geana / Splash News


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