Woman Tricks Former Lover Into Paying Thousands for Baby That Didn't Exist

One woman found a very creative, and very immoral, way to swindle money out of a former lover -- and faked having his baby. While many women across the land are desperately trying to get absentee dads to pay up for their kids, Johna Loreen Vandermore, 34, managed to get one "dad" to pay up for a kid that didn't exist.


Vandermore, who lives in Maquoketa, Iowa, had a brief affair with a man not identified by name in court documents. After the affair ended, the woman decided to concoct a story of being pregnant. She then took it even further and made up a birth.

The duped man decided to do the right thing by offering to pay $1,000 a month in child support, as well as pay for expenses and send extra money for holidays. The payments totalled $95,850. The scam went on for six years. Incredible!

Vandermore managed to keep fooling the hapless "dad" by faking a birth certificate as well as sending photos of her cousin's daughter and claiming it was their baby.

For whatever reason, the "dad" never asked to visit the baby, which allowed the scheme to go on longer than it might have -- although it sounds like the woman would have figured out a way to produce a live baby.

The story is strange enough, but then it gets even stranger. Vandermore's husband -- yes, husband!! -- discovered the monthly checks and when he confronted her, she reportedly told him she was shilling for Herbalife.

The woman's lawyer came up with a not-so-brilliant "blame the victim" defense, saying that the woman initially thought she was pregnant -- and then the scheme just sort of mysteriously continued on its own after she found out that she wasn't -- and, oh yeah, the guy could have asked to meet the kid, or asked for harder proof, and then it would have been uncovered. Erm, yeah, not up to the guy to disprove a baby's existence. It is up to the woman to be honest and not be depositing checks for a non-existent baby.

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It's unclear how the scheme was eventually discovered, but Vandermore has been sentenced to 18 months in prison.

I guess the silver lining here is that there's no real baby.


Image via Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr

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