Teen Spends $30K Accidentally Put in His Bank Account: Would You?

An 18-year-old boy from Madison County, Georgia, probably felt like the luckiest person on Earth when he woke up one day and discovered he was $30,000 richer—thanks to a mistake made on the part of his bank. He shares the same name as a 70-year-old who had just sold land and deposited the money into his account, or so he thought. The teen is now facing hefty consequences for spending that money on things you'd probably expect a teen to buy.


Steven Fields reportedly ran out and purchased himself a shiny BMW, which we're sure made him the envy of all of his friends, as well as other items. It's uncertain how he was caught, but this may have something to do with it: somewhere along the way he was allegedly arrested for possessing illegal drugs.

The elder Steven Fields—the victim—says he never met the teen and that the young man apologized for spending his money when they met in court, but that it came across to him as if he was just saying "sorry" because he got caught.

Whether he feels remorse or not is anybody's guess, but the teen will be paying for his actions: he has been sentenced to 10 years on probation AND has to pay the older man back every single penny that he stole. And, yes, he STOLE the money because he knew darn well he hadn't lifted a finger to earn a penny of it. The punishment totally fits the crime.

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A woman who raised the teen says she remembers the moment he found out the money was in his account and that he was "excited" and she couldn't blame him because she'd be excited, too. Huh?! Well, no kidding. But how didn't the adult here, at any point, stop and think: the good Lord probably doesn't drop cold-hard cash into someone bank account just for being alive. Gee, maybe we should go to the bank and explore how this mistake was made?

So many foolish choices were made here. With hope, the teen will learn a valuable lesson about honesty and integrity as he works to make amends for what he did.

Do you think the judge's consequence is fair or too harsh?


Image via Chris Dlugosz/Flickr


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