Mom Accused of Chatting on Facebook Before Crash That Killed 3 Kids

A mom has been arrested on negligent homicide charges for allegedly chatting with friends on Facebook while driving, which caused the deaths of her 11-year-old daughter and two 5-year-old nieces.


Kari J. Milberg, 34, was allegedly sending and receiving messages on Facebook when her SUV spun off a snowy western Wisconsin road and into the path of an oncoming truck, killing the three young girls. Police believe that distracted driving was the cause of the crash. Milberg and her 3-year-old son survived.

While now is not the time to pile on this mom, who obviously will be enormously devastated for the rest of her life, now is the time to remind everyone that texting or playing on your phone while driving is every bit as dangerous as drunk driving.

But this is not the way we think about it. Although most states have laws making texting and driving illegal (including Wisconsin), drinking while driving has been considered an enormous danger for decades, but texting while driving is generally something still thought of as relatively harmless.

That isn't to excuse this mom -- what she allegedly did was terribly irresponsible. But you have to feel for her knowing that she is only human, and made a terrible mistake that took three young lives, and that she will suffer guilt over forever.

Milberg was allegedly participating in the Facebook conversation until two minutes before the crash, and driver inattention is said to be the main contributing factor to the crash.

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Let this be a reminder to us all: No conversation, whether it's via text or Facebook or anything else -- is worth taking your eyes off the road for even a second. Your life and the lives of your precious cargo is worth far, far more than whatever is happening on Facebook.

Should she go to prison?


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