JonBenet Ramsey Murder: Cop Shocks With New Admission

Almost 20 years after the murder of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey, the case still haunts. Who could have murdered such a helpless little girl in her own home? And if her parents didn't do it, then who did? Unfortunately, the former Colorado police chief who investigated the gruesome crime says we will most likely never have an answer. And he admitted what we all suspected all along: The cops royally screwed up.


By now, most of us know the horrible details: Ringleted JonBenet was found strangled with a makeshift garrot in her parents' wine cellar after someone (who?) left the family a ransom note. But at the time, police found it quite suspicious that someone would have killed her in her own house -- and focused most, if not all, of their attention on John and Patsy. DNA evidence uncovered at the scene would later exonerate the two, however, no suspect has ever been found.

Now former police chief Mark Beckner said in an astonishing question and answer session on Reddit that the investigation was riddled with mistakes from the start. He wrote in the AMA ("Ask Me Anything") session:

I wish we would have done a much better job of securing and controlling the crime scene on day one.

He also admitted that cops should have sequestered John and Patsy early and got separate statements from them, instead by the time they got around to talking to them, the well-off couple had "lawyered up."

Additionally, police failed to secure the scene and friends and family were allowed to walk freely throughout the home.

He also admitted that the couple's prestige in the community led them to be treated differently -- something we all certainly suspected.

But he said the biggest problem was that the police department was shortstaffed and inexperienced when it came to dealing with a crime of this magnitude.

He also hinted that he thought the Ramseys' behavior was strange, saying, "They rarely interacted and this did not seem normal given the circumstances. Lots of speculation as to why."

He doesn't say what he means by "interacted" but presumably he means they stopped talking to cops, if they ever talked much at all.

In addition, he said that the district attorney in the case put up "roadblocks" and didn't even want to bring the couple to a grand jury -- and that the department never allowed a DA to get so involved with a case again.

While all of this is extremely distressing, it doesn't sound like even if the case had been handled better that it would have been a slam dunk, considering DNA evidence still points to an unknown male at the scene. In all likelihood, JonBenet's parents would have never been brought to trial anyway.

In 2006, a man named John Mark Karr confessed to killing the little beauty queen, but his confession was later deemed to be false.

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So many tragedies in this case -- a mother who died of cancer while still being under the cloud of suspicion in the murder of her own daughter; the lack of any kind of justice in the case; and, worst of all, the brutal death of an innocent child.

Do you think if they'd handled the case better there would be a suspect in custody? What are your theories on the case?


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