Retired Cop Murder Tragedy Leaves Everyone Wondering 'Why?'

Police and family members, including a grieving mother and sibling, are desperately trying to make sense of a horrific and baffling tragedy: a retired police officer from White Plains, New York, reportedly killed his two teenage daughters and their family pets before taking his own life with a gun while his wife and eldest daughter were out of the house.


Glen Hochman, 52, had reportedly recently retired from the police force after a 22-year career that included an accolade received last year for saving a man's life. Police allegedly found him dead in his garage with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head.

The couple's daughters, Alissa, 17, and Deanna, 13, were also reportedly found dead, but the results of their autopsy reports have yet to be revealed and we aren't sure how they were killed. Two family pets, including a German shepherd mix, were also found dead and police reportedly believe the man killed them.

Hochman's wife, Anamarie DiPietro-Hochman, 50, and their eldest daughter, Samantha, 22, were reportedly out of town when this unbelievable nightmare unfolded. Reports indicate they were not the ones to find the bodies in their house and that a neighbor called 911.

The only thing we know so far is that Hochman and his wife were reportedly having issues and were considering a divorce. Neighbors have described Hochman as "quiet," but say they are shocked this happened and didn't notice any prior signs of unrest among family members.

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The high school attended by the teen girls reportedly opened on Sunday to offer grief counseling to their peers. Our hearts go out to everyone trying to cope with the devastating loss of these precious lives.

Why do you think this former police officer did this?


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