Girl Accused in 'Slender Man' Stabbing Had 'Disturbing' Barbies & Book in Room

One of two Wisconsin girls accused of stabbing a friend 19 times in the name of a fictional horror character called Slender Man reportedly kept an incredibly disturbing notebook that may have provided clues about her mental state at the time, according to a private investigator who testified in court Tuesday. David Janisch says he discovered the private journal of one of the suspects, who was just 12 at the time of the crime last May, along with a few shocking pieces of evidence.


The sketches discovered in the teen's notebook, which were presented at the last day of their preliminary hearing, reportedly included several horror characters and phrases like, "I can never die," "not safe even in your house," and a cartoon picture of a girl with a speech bubble above her head that read, "I love killing people."

Investigators say they also found mutilated Barbie dolls in the girl's room and dolls that had been marked by the Slender Man symbol. On another page of her notebook, the girl reportedly kept a supplies list that included pepper spray, a map of a forest, the will to live, and weapons.

The girl's parents reportedly told police they weren't aware that these items existed in their daughter's closet, and police say they were visibly upset when forced to confront them.

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The teen and her friend face up to 65 years in prison each if they are tried as adults for first-degree murder. It was discovered they planned for months to kill Peyton Leutner in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on May 31, 2014. Authorities say the girls, whose named have been withheld because of their ages, lured their classmate to a park and stabbed her 19 times because they believed that was the only way to protect themselves and their families from Slender Man. Leutner, who miraculously survived the stabbing, has since been released from the hospital.

Both girls have reportedly been deemed mentally fit to stand trial, despite the fact that a psychologist testified that one of the girls claims she had a relationship with Slender Man and other fictional characters.

The judge is expected to decide on March 13 whether the teens will be tried as adults. 

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