Grandmother Arrested for Leaving 5-Year-Old In Cold Car While She Gambled

Right now, New York is the kind of cold that is so ridiculous you just have to laugh about it. But one grandmother from Brooklyn was determined to make her way to a casino, regardless of the brutal temperatures. The only problem: her 5-year-old granddaughter was in her care. So, she reportedly left her in a freezing car for an hour while she tried her hand at lady luck.


Renee Osby, 56, was arrested after a security guard at Resorts World Casino reportedly spotted the little girl alone in the car at around 11 a.m. Saturday. The woman reportedly tried to enter the casino the first time around with her granddaughter, but was turned away because children aren't allowed in the gambling establishment.

Instead of realizing that her priority should be taking care of the child, Osby reportedly decided it was more important that she win/lose money. Thankfully, the guards were paying attention and remembered the woman had tried to enter with the girl, whose name is Jordan. They became suspicious and searched for the woman's car—at which point they reportedly found the girl locked inside of the unheated vehicle in sub-freezing temperatures.

And what did grandma have to say for herself when she returned to her vehicle an hour later? Osby reportedly claimed she was only inside of the casino to cash a check, but security officials say they saw her playing the slot machines.

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The police were called and Osby was arrested for acting in a manner injurious to a child. The little girl was reportedly reunited with her mom and was, thank God, not harmed.

In your opinion, is it ever okay to leave a young child in a car alone?


Image via Garry Knight/Flickr

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