Mom Uses 4-Year-Old To Steal from Another Shopper's Purse (VIDEO)

Mom uses 4-year-old to steal purse

What’s tackier than stealing from from another shopper while you’re pretending to browse the greeting card aisle at Target? I can tell you exactly what’s tackier: teaching your 4-year-old daughter to grab the wallet and retrieve it like a specially-trained shoplifting Labrador.



New Brunswick mom Nygeria Dixon, 24, was busted on January 10th for an incident that occurred at Target a month ago. According to authorities, the victim had placed her wallet in the top of her shopping cart and was looking at greeting cards when Dixon took the cart and dragged it into the main aisle of the store.

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Dixon then had her 4 year old daughter go back to the cart and take a Louis Vuitton clutch wallet from the purse. The little girl brought the wallet back to her mom, and Dixon and another adult female left the store. The victim's credit cards were used minutes later at nearby mall.

Unfortunately for the would-be thief, the whole thing was caught on surveillance video, which you can see here (footage starts at :56):

Dixon has been charged with not only theft, but the second degree charge of child endangerment for using a child in the commission of a crime. Bail was set at $120,000, and as of this writing Dixon is cooling her heels in the Middlesex County Adult Corrections Center.

She’s also 8 months pregnant, which is sad news, and she has three other children. Records show Dixon was picked up once before in West Windsor for a similar theft inside a store, so this clearly isn’t a new lifestyle choice for her. I’m not sure what’s going to happen to those kids now that the state’s involved, but this woman needs to turn things around before she can be a good mom to her children. It’s bad enough to steal, it’s something else entirely to teach your impressionable young kids to do the same.

Do you think this mom should lose custody for having her child help her steal? 

Image via South Brunswick Police Department

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