Mom in Minivan Takes Down Carjacker As Stunned Son Watches (VIDEO)

mom minivan crashArtrai Alexander carjacked a car in Dallas, Texas, and with the police chasing him, he drove recklessly through a school zone. Mom Jessica Liesmann was at the intersection stopped at a red light with her 13-year-old son and boyfriend in the car when Alexander, in the car he stole, slammed into them. Liesmann did what some moms might only think of doing -- she jumped out of her minivan and began beating up the carjacker.


While this action is certainly not advised, can we just ignore all the potentially dangerous things that could have happened and applaud this mom? Her adrenaline and her instinct to protect her child took over. We're not going to take it! Superhero mom!

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This is serious, though. Liesmann and her family were on their way to pick up their younger daughter and were within the school zone. "This is a place where you’re supposed to go a certain speed limit because of kids," she said. It's clear she has noticed people speeding here in the past, and when the car crashed into them, she was overtaken with the audacity of the recklessness and wanted to protect her son.

It was reported that Liesmann grabbed Alexander as he was trying to flee after the crash and began beating him up. Her son was in shock watching this all happen, most likely thinking, OMG my mom is beating up that big dude! Liesmann's boyfriend also got out of the car and came between them, stopping the fight. Together they restrained the carjacker until the cops arrived. Liesmann said, "All I was thinking was 'you are not getting away.'"

Wow. Mama bear. There is a lot of emotion behind how protective Liesmann is over her child. Six months ago, her younger son who was only 4 passed away due to epilepsy. Watching her speak about the incident brought tears to my eyes. You can see all her emotions behind her cool exterior. She admits that she wasn't thinking when she just jumped out. And we all know how differently this could have turned out -- a gun was retrieved from the car Alexander carjacked. But it turned out okay. This mom clearly cares for her community and the safety of her family, and nothing was going to get in the way of her protecting that.

What do you think of Liesmann's actions? Do you think you would ever attack a carjacker? Have you gone to extremes in the name of protecting your family?

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