'American Sniper' Murder Trial: Shocking First Day Testimony of Chris Kyle's Wife​

The real life American Sniper, Chris Kyle, was murdered two years ago on a gun range, allegedly by Eddie Ray Routh, who was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Today, in Texas, is the first day of Routh's murder trial. The first witness was Kyle's emotional widow, Taya, who broke down in tears on the stand.


Taya is the mother of Kyle's two children. She testified that on the morning of the murder, she spoke with her husband, who was on the gun range with Routh, and his friend Chad Littlefield.

Taya said that Kyle had been enlisted to help Routh, who was suffering from PTSD. That morning, Routh had allegedly been smoking marijuana, drinking whiskey, and had threatened his girlfriend with a knife.

Taya said that Kyle brought Routh to the gun range because he thought the "peaceful setting would relax" the former Marine. Seems like an odd choice of scenery for someone suffering from PTSD, but perhaps firing off guns does relax some people.

Meanwhile, Taya continued to have a sense of foreboding and texted her husband asking if everything was all right. Soon, police knocked on her door and told her Kyle was "hurt."

Routh's defense team claims that he was psychotic from PTSD at the time of the murders and doesn't remember them.

Prosecutors say he knew exactly what he was doing and even went to Taco Bell later and bragged to his sister that he had murdered two people.

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Many are questioning why Kyle would have brought a man who was clearly so disturbed to a gun range, and even one who'd been smoking and drinking, and was probably showing some effects of that. But no one brings anyone to a gun range because they think the person is going to start killing people. It was obviously a mistake, one that cost him and his friend their lives, but he's not clairvoyant.

The jury will have a difficult and very heartbreaking case before them.

Do you think Routh was insane?


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