2-Month-Old Killed by Coffee Mug Thrown During Parents' Fight

A man who was aiming for his girlfriend allegedly killed his baby with a coffee mug. Anthony Grove, 34, of Canton, Ohio, reportedly got into an argument with the mother of his 2-month-old infant and threw a coffee mug at her, only to have it accidentally hit his baby, killing him.


According to neighbors, Grove had a tendency to throw things when he was drinking and got mad. One neighbor told WOIO:

He left my house, threw a beer can, and I blocked it. Then he went to his house and I guess he started arguing with his girl.

But they also say he loved his son:

He loved that baby. He was crazy about that baby. I can promise you that.

Neighbors say the baby's parents frequently fought but they never expected anything like this to happen. While it sounds like Grove may not have meant to hit the child, who died later at the hospital, he is being charged with murder.

This is a good lesson that, especially when you have children, it's imperative to learn how to control your temper. It's never acceptable to throw something at someone because you're angry. And there can be unintended consequences to becoming violent. If what the neighbor says is true, this man loved his baby. Now he has lost something he loved because he allegedly never learned how to handle his anger in a more mature manner.

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You can only imagine what this child's life would have been like -- watching his dad have temper tantrums like a 2-year-old and throwing objects at his mom. But the baby still deserved to have his own life and not have it taken away because allegedly dad didn't know how to talk things out like an adult.

Should he be charged with murder?

Image via Stark County Jail

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