Mom Blogger Trial: Graphic Video Shows Boy's Pain After Alleged Salt Poisoning​

Lacey Spears, who is standing trial accused of killing her 5-year-old son Garnett by poisoning him with sodium, poisoned him in a hospital bathroom and then watched him writhe and scream in pain before he died, say prosecutors.


Jurors in the White Plains, New York, criminal trial were shown video of young Garnett crying out in severe pain as hospital staff crowded around him. Reportedly, his mother had been in the bathroom with him just moments before. Garnett had reportedly been set to leave the hospital soon since he was showing no signs of the seizures his mother says were plaguing him -- but prosecutors say the idea of Garnett leaving the hospital spurred his mother into deadly action.

Spears was videotaped carrying a cup and a thin piece of hospital equipment with her into the bathroom with Garnett.

She then comes back out with him and places him on the hospital bed. Within minutes, he is writhing and retching in agony. Jurors reportedly teared up as they saw the horrific video.

Video also shows that Spears didn't "immediately" react to comfort Garnett, but when staff rushed in to save him, she rubbed his back. Four days later, he died.

Spears is accused of killing Garnett slowly over the course of years with high doses of salt poured into his feeding tube. Spears had been obsessively chronicling Garnett's many health problems on social media and prosecutors say she loved the attention and sympathy.

The idea that Garnett was soon going to be released and sent back home healthy was too much for her to bear, accused the prosecution.

Spears vehemently denies she killed her son.

The trial will not mention Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a mental disorder in which caretakers seek out or even cause unneeded medical attention for their charges, usually children. My guess is no one will mention it because that would be just another thing to have to prove in court, and each side would bring experts to counteract any diagnosis.

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Whether moms who deliberately harm their kids so they can get attention have a mental disorder or are just "evil" is also up for debate. The important question to ask here is whether Spears killed her young son -- if so, she must pay the price like anyone else would.


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