Dad Sees Man Filming Young Daughter in Restaurant & Things Turn Deadly

You believe in the Old Testament, you believe in an eye for an eye; however, that won't get you a get out of jail free card if you take revenge on someone who did something to hurt you. A British dad is likely to find that out as he's charged with murder after reportedly killing an alleged pedophile who had filmed his young daughter at a seaside resort.


Despite the fact that 43-year-old Sandro Rottman had been charged with possession of pornography days before, he was still lounging on the beaches of Spain's Costa del Sol, where he lived. When protective dad Kainth Davinder, 40, who also lived in the area, reportedly caught him taking video of his young daughter, he finally snapped and allegedly killed the victim with his bare hands.

How exactly Davinder came to see that Rottman was taking videos or pictures of his young daughter (age unknown) is unclear, but the most common report says that the two were at the same restaurant together.

When Davinder ordered him to stop filming his daughter, the man reportedly refused. Davinder, who used to be a boxer, then punched the alleged pedophile in the head and left the restaurant. (Another witness says he also kicked the victim.)

Another report says that Rottman was taking pictures of lots of people in the restaurant, including Davinder and his family, when Davinder somehow began looking at the photos. He then found child pornography on the iPad and blew his stack and punched him.

Rottman died later at the hospital.

It's easy to say that Davinder should have kept his cool and let the justice sytem take care of Rottman, but this seems to be a heat of the moment thing where he couldn't contain his anger and lashed out. Doubtful he knew he would kill the man. The tragedy is that now this dad of three will probably end up in prison.

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Of course, there is no excuse for Davinder killing a man, even if he did have child porn on his iPad. We don't live in medieval times, and you've got to let the justice system take its course or we'll have complete anarchy. But you can definitely feel for the dad, who saw red when he saw what he did.

Should the dad be charged with murder?

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