Mom Lets 2 Kids Take the Fall After They Shoplift for Her

Moms know there is nothing like teaching your children to do something -- bicycle riding, swimming, ice skating, cooking ... and, oh yeah, shoplifting! That's apparently what one mom was doing when she and her friend took her two young sons into a pharmacy in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, and methodically handed them item after item for the kids to hide under their clothes. Oh, but that's not even the worst of it.


Police say that Mary Lancaster gave a bunch of cosmetics, totaling almost $100, to her 13-year-old, for him to hide under his coat. Meanwhile, in another part of the store, Lancaster's friend Angie Kimmel was with Lancaster's 11-year-old, showing him which items to take and hide.

In fact, reportedly when the little boy got the type of perfume that the mom's friend wanted wrong, he put it back and then stole a different kind. Quick learner!

Not only that, when police caught up to the foursome in the parking lot, the kids were initially the ones in trouble since they had the goods. And the mom was just fine with the boys taking the fall for her. A cop on the scene says the mom was even "chastising" her sons. But he says he had a feeling that the mom was involved too somehow.

Luckily, surveillance video from the pharmacy backed up the cop's gut instinct and showed that it was the adults who were coaching the kids to steal. It probably helped sway the cop that the items stolen were obviously not for young boys.

What a pair of despicable thieves that they would make two young kids do their dirty work for them. I guess they are not eager for these kids to grow up and be good, law-abiding citizens.

The adults were charged, but so were the kids, which I think is wrong. Kids have no recourse to say "no" to crazy moms who can kick them out of the house, not feed them, or beat them, or otherwise punish them when they get home.

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What's sad is that these kids are going to continue to be groomed by this mother, and for who knows what sort of lives, but I suspect not great ones.

Should the kids have been charged too?


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