Teen Arrested After Taking 'Selfie' With Murder Victim (VIDEO)

A teen has been charged with murder after he allegedly took a selfie with his dead victim. Maxwell Marion Morton, 16, who is being charged as an adult, allegedly shot his classmate Ryan Mangan in the face and then took a selfie with the bloodied victim in a chair. Morton positioned his face in front of the dead body for the pic.


Morton reportedly posted the gruesome picture to photo-sharing app SnapChat, where the recipient then saved the photo and showed it to police.

The victim's mom had found him dead in their home. The two teens went to Jeanette High School in Jeanette, Pennsylvania. Though no motive has been released, the alleged shooter had reportedly written, "I told you to clean up the shells" and "Ryan was not the last one" along with the horrific photo, which he then sent to an unnamed person.

Reportedly, the suspect confessed to the crime. He's charged with first-degree murder.

When people first started posting proof of their crimes to social media sites such as Facebook, it was stunningly bizarre. Now it just seems par for the course. People, especially teens, seem to live so much of their lives on social media that it's considered an extension of them. They seem to have no concept that social media is public, or permanent, or perhaps that they should keep their crimes quiet.

Hey, that's a plus, I say. Certainly it must make things easier for law enforcement. The suspect reportedly even went as far as to write his name on the photo!

You have to be a very disturbed person to take a selfie with your murder victim, though.


Image © iStock.com/semakokal

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