Mom Accused of Threatening to Blow Up Kid's School After She Flunks Exam

One mother from Staten Island, New York, reportedly took helicopter parenting to a whole new level when police say she threatened to blow up her daughter's high school after she flunked a Regents exam. Do you suppose she has used the phase not my kid once or twice before?


Karen Shearon, 48, reportedly received the bad news that her 15-year-old daughter had failed the standardized test after a guidance counselor from Susan E. Wagner High School called her up on the phone. Instead of saying "well, that's a shame" or "I'll make sure she hits the books pronto so she passes the next time she takes the exam," the guidance counselor claims Shearon went off on her and said, "I'm gonna blow up that school."

Yes, it's possible she said that (assuming she actually said it) out of anger, but we all know you just can't go around making these kinds of threats. Everyone is on high alert and your words are going to be taken very seriously, as they should be.

So, Shearon was reportedly arrested later that same day on charges of aggravated harassment, which is a misdemeanor. She is being held without bail and was reportedly crying at her arraignment on Friday, where she also denied any wrongdoing.

Shearon even reportedly went as far as calling the teachers at her daughter's school "liars," which is going to make the next parent-teacher conference night incredibly awkward, to say the least.

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The mom reportedly has three children, two of whom attend the high school. Can you even imagine what it's like for them to go from class to class today while their mother makes headlines for this insane threat?

Furthermore, what message are you sending your children when you blame others for their failures? Does she not realize she is teaching her children that it's okay to not take responsibility for their mistakes?

What do you think about this mom's alleged threat? Was she just expressing her anger or does she deserve to be arrested?


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