Dad Wakes Up in Jail, Remembers He Left Kids in Freezing Car (VIDEO)

Two children who were left all night in a freezing cold car after their dad went on a narcotics-fueled rampage were found alive but cold "like popsicles," say police. Joshua Jaboneta, 34, was arrested after breaking into several homes while high on some kind of drug, and when the drug wore off and he found himself in jail, he suddenly remembered that he'd left his two kids in his truck.


Police in Merced, California, began a frantic search and rescue mission once the dad came out of his narcotics fog and told them he had left a 3-year-old and 10-month-old in his pickup truck, and he wasn't sure where that was.

Cops raced to the scenes of his crimes -- the not-so-doting dad had allegedly spent the evening breaking into homes and vandalizing cars -- and looked around. They were able to find his red pick-up truck, but would it be too late?

Fortunately, the children were still inside the vehicle 12 hours later, strapped into their seats. But the windows had been rolled down, and temps had been below freezing. Police say the children were like ice but alive.

Simply jaw-dropping that this dad thought it would be appropriate to get high and go on a crime spree with his kids along in the car. And then to just totally forget about them -- this is your brain on drugs, as the commercial says.

As terrible as this dad seemingly was that night, at least he told cops about his kids, even knowing that would get him into more trouble. He could have tried to say nothing and wait until he got out on bail or something.

Hopefully these children won't be spending any more time alone with dad for quite awhile.

Image via ABC 30

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