Couple Attempts to Take Baby Into Sex Shop Then Makes an Even Worse Decision

cars parking lotConnecticut mom Lindsay M. Hoffman, 26, just had a baby two weeks ago, and in between the nesting and settling into that new mom glow, Hoffman decided to go to a sex shop with her newborn and companion Marquette Riggsbee, 54. Employees told her she couldn't enter with a baby, so she put her infant back in the car and left the baby there so she could shop.


I'm all about getting your groove back after baby, but two weeks? Two weeks?!?! How did this couple think it was a good idea to take a newborn into a sex shop? Let's just give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they were out food shopping, saw the adult novelty store, looked at it, giggled, and thought, Why not? Okay. That could happen. I'm all for that. But why wouldn't they then make the decision to say, Hey, you wait in the car with the baby and I'll run in and pick up a little something special?

Nope. Bring baby in. Get kicked out. Take baby back to the car and leave baby there alone in the freezing cold. This happened in Southington, Connecticut. It's winter and freezing in Connecticut right now. Snow on the ground and below zero with the wind chill temperatures. Baby was left alone in the car for 20 minutes.

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I'd like to commend the employees of the sex toy shop. They didn't let this woman in with her child, and then when she returned without the baby, they called the police. They also went out to check on the newborn in the car. (See? Just because you peddle porn, that doesn't mean you are a bad person.)

The child was taken to the hospital and child services were notified. Mom and her companion are each being held on $25,000 bond and charged with risk of injury to a minor. Let's hope something like this never happens again and they learned a valuable lesson. We need a happy ending -- and not that kind. (Sorry. Had to.)

Do you think this mom just had a temporary lack of judgment? Should we go easy on her?


Image via Brady Wahl/Flickr

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