911 Dispatcher Tells Teen to 'Stop Whining' As She Watches Father Die (VIDEO)

911 callThis is truly heartwrenching and seems like it could have been completely avoidable. If it already weren't tragic enough, 38-year-old Rick Warrick was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver while he stopped to change a tire on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. But the way the 911 call was handled when Warrick's frantic teenage daughter called in to report what happened has made everyone even more upset about what took place that sad, fateful day.


Apparently the 911 operator, located in Anne Arundel County, is no longer allowed to take any calls, and thank goodness for that. Because apparently in the middle of the call, as this teen watched her father lay there dying, the dispatcher told Warrick's daughter to "stop whining."

When Warrick was struck, his fiancée and son were also reportedly injured, so Warrick's daughter was the one who had to put in the call.

"Ma'am, stop yelling! I need a location," said the dispatcher at one point.

When the daughter asks emergency responders to hurry, this is how he comforted her: "Let's stop worrying about hurrying up and get there," said the dispatcher. "We're already on our way."

Then, as the teen frantically tries to describe what's happening, he said, "Let's stop whining, okay? Let's stop whining. It's hard to understand you.”

And later: "Ma'am! ma'am! Please stop yelling. Stop yelling please," the dispatcher said, per reports.

Such insensitivity! Shouldn't 911 dispatchers be trained to deal with frantic people in high-intensity situations and not act in such a patronizing, crass way? Captain Russ Davies Jr. of the Anne Arundel County Fire Department said, "Very clearly in this case, the choice of words was not good, and that call was not handled in an effective kind of way that we would expect that call to be handled."

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Clearly not! Can you imagine watching a loved one being murdered before your very eyes? With other family members strewn injured on the side of the road? No one can judge this girl and what came out of her mouth when all this happened. Plus, if you listen to some of the call, she is clearly distressed and upset, but she's definitely coherent!

Here's more on the story and a little audio from the call:

Police are still on the hunt for information about the driver that started this whole mess. Anyone with information is being asked to call a special tip line at 202-610-8737.

Do you think the 911 operator should be fired after conducting the call in this manner?


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