11-Month-Old Baby Busts Mom With Drugs Right in Front of Police

Kids do the darnest things. They stuff objects up their noses, ask the same questions over and over ... and darn if kids don't pull cocaine packets out of your shirt at the most inconvenient times! That's what one mom learned when she was pulled over for a routine traffic stop that quickly went south when her little future narc reportedly decided to bust her in front of cops.


Police in Daytona Beach, Florida, say that they pulled over Candyce Harden, who was driving with an 11-month-old baby boy, for traffic violations. They brought in a K-9 unit dog to sniff for drugs and asked baby and mom to step out of the car.

Mom complied and the police searched the car and found nothing. They were about to go on their way, when the baby boy reportedly reached inside of his mom's shirt and pulled out a baggie of cocaine. You can just imagine him thinking, Here, guys, is this what you're looking for?!

While this might just seem like a stroke of really bad luck for the mom, I think the kid knew exactly what he was doing. He may not have known the baggie was bad -- but he probably knew it was important. Kids have an unerring sense of what you value. This is why kids make a beeline for your cellphone, or your money, or your vibrator, or whatever it is that you would really prefer the kid not to touch!

And, hey, maybe he had some sense that if this thing mommy had was important enough to hide, then maybe it was what all those people in blue were searching for. Kid probably thought he was helping.

Harden is now facing child abuse charges in addition to drug charges. It's not entirely clear if the baby belonged to her, but if so, hopefully this is the wakeup call she needs to get help. An 11-month-old kid shouldn't be in the position of busting mom to the cops.

Has your kid ever pulled something embarrassing of yours out and showed it to cops friends?

Image via Volusia County Sheriff's Office

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