Man Accused of Doing Unspeakable With Facebook Photos of Friend's 9-Year-Old Daughter

Most moms are all too happy to post photos of their children on their Facebook pages -- and figure that if their settings are private and only their good friends can see them, then those children must be safe. But one mom learned the hard way that this wasn't the case with her 9-year-old daughter. Her good friend, whom she had known since high school, is accused of downloading dozens of innocent photos of her daughter and posting them to a child porn site, where he allegedly boasted of being her "father" and getting to molest her every day.


Christopher Madill, 32, of Phoenix, Arizona, is someone that this mother totally trusted. After all, she'd known him for half of her life. So she was floored when she got a call from Homeland Security telling her that her daughter's pictures -- of her doing cute things like blowing out her birthday candles -- were being circulated on a Russian child porn site, and that Madill was on it bragging that he was routinely molesting the girl.

Ashley Williams told KTLA:

He was using her pictures to trade with other fathers that are on this website that molest their children. He took the innocence and made it something disgusting.

Williams said not only does she feel betrayed and disgusted, but she hopes that Madill didn't act on any of his fantasies, because she knows that many of his other friends have children too.

Madill is being held on $100,000 bond.

Unfortunately, you never know who is going to swipe your child's photos. That doesn't mean you should not post pics of your kids -- there's just no way to help what sickos will do. You can't keep your kids in a protective bubble.

Luckily, in this case, Williams' daughter was not actually being molested, but just knowing her daughter's photo was out there being traded by men who brag about abusing their kids -- that must be totally sickening. It really makes you think twice about posting pics of your kids, but we can't live in fear over the few out there who have no conscience.

Does this make you think twice about posting photos to social media?

Image via Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

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