11-Year-Old Girl Scares Away Intruder With Her Father's Shotgun (VIDEO)

We've read so many heartbreaking stories about children and guns and the lives that are lost when the two tragically collide, it's a relief to read a story about a child and a gun ... that turned out for the best! An 11-year-old girl was home alone when an intruder burst into the house. Luckily, the girl knew how to wield a gun.


The girl was home alone in Lapeer County, Michigan, when a man knocked on all of the home's doors and then forced entry. According to police, the girl hid in a bedroom closet -- but not before grabbing one of her dad's hunting rifles.

When the suspect forced open the bedroom door, he reportedly found himself staring down the barrel of the kid's gun. A detective told WNEM:

Her father is an avid hunter, she is familiar with weapons and inside that closet is where the gun case is.

The suspect fled the home but was tracked down about half an hour later by cops. James Wasson, 53, and Rhonda Steward, 31, both of Detroit, were arrested. The two have allegedly robbed 25 to 50 homes in the past couple of months. Cops said the little girl kept her composure and was capable of leading the police to the suspects.

And it was an 11-year-old girl with a gun who stopped them!

This story highlights that guns can be used for protection, absolutely -- but they must be done so with EXTREME CAUTION AND CARE. This girl was familiar with guns, knew not to play around with them, knew where they were located, which was in a gun case, not just lying around. She was also 11 years old, old enough to be taught how to properly use a gun in an emergency.

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There are right ways to have guns around your kids and wrong ways. It sounds like this dad taught his child the right way.

Do you have a gun in your house? What do you teach your kids about it?

Image via WNEM

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