Former Power Ranger Accused of Killing Roommate With a Sword

An actor who played a Power Ranger on the popular children's television program has been arrested for allegedly stabbing and killing his roommate in Santa Clarita, California, with a sword.


Ricardo Medina, 36, who played the Red Lion Ranger, was arrested Saturday for allegedly stabbing his 36-year-old roommate, Joshua Sutter, after the two got into an argument that quickly escalated into a physical altercation.

Medina was reportedly with his girlfriend at the time and the two retreated into his bedroom and locked the door to get away from Sutter. But his roommate reportedly forced his way into the bedroom anyway, at which point police say Medina picked up a sword that he kept in his bedroom and stabbed Sutter once in the abdomen.

The actor then reportedly called 911 to report the incident and waited for first responders.

He is currently in jail and his bail has been set at $1 million.

Medina was a star on the 2002-2003 TV show Power Rangers Wild Force and reprised his role in 2011 on Power Rangers Samurai. His agent, Gar Lester, called him a "super person" and said the allegations are difficult to believe.

We still haven't had an opportunity to hear Medina's side of the story, nor do we know what their initial fight was about or why Sutter was allegedly trying to break into his bedroom. It seems like there's more to this story and that additional information will surface in the coming days. In the meantime, we feel for Sutter's family, who are trying to wrap their minds around this horrific crime.

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Image via Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images

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