Mom Confesses to Hiding Evidence That Her Kids Committed Double Murder

mom helps kids hide double murder

I would do almost anything for my children — but I definitely stop short at helping them hide the fact that they killed someone. In that respect, I have little in common with New Jersey mom Arnetta Welch, 42, who recently admitted in court that she helped two of her children conceal evidence in the gang-related double murder of a Burlington County couple in 2010.


Welch pleaded guilty to charges of hindering apprehension in connection with the deaths of Michael Hawkins, 23, and Muriah Huff, 18, on February 22, 2010. After the killings, Welch allegedly purchased cleaning supplies in order to rid her house of evidence after her children were among 10 youths who tortured, beat, and fatally shot Hawkins and his girlfriend Huff. Huff was reportedly killed so as not to serve as a witness to Hawkins’ murder.

Their bodies were discovered three days later, buried in Welch’s yard.

Two of Welch's children — Shatara Carter, 19, and Dennis Welch, 24 — were among 10 defendants who have been convicted of or pleaded guilty for their roles in the double murder. Carter was just 14 years old at the time of the killings and was sentenced to 22 years in prison after pleading guilty as an adult to aggravated manslaughter in 2014.

Welch’s children were reportedly associated with the Bloods street gang, whose members killed Hawkins because they believed he had joined rival gang the Crips.

What’s REALLY crazy about this whole depressing story is that Welch is expected to receive a two-year probation term when she is sentenced on March 6. Is it just me, or does it seem like she should face more serious charges?

At any rate, it’s another twisted revelation in a sad story of gang violence. I’m sure this mother was hoping to keep her children out of jail, but lucky for the public, she failed in her efforts.

Do you sympathize with this mom at all?

Image via Department of Corrections: Shatara Carter (left), 19, and Dennis Welch, 24

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