Mom's Reaction After Catching Cheating Husband Shouldn't Be Illegal

Picture this (hoping it has never happened to you): you come home from work, prepare to kick off your shoes and relax, then find your husband and the father of your two children having sex with another woman in your bedroom. You're upset, so, without thinking, you grab the first thing you can—a shoe, maybe—and hurl it at your cheating hubby. And then he has you arrested. This is exactly what happened to a Florida mom and teacher, and it's totally unfair.


Christine Black, 46, from Ormond Beach, Florida, has been arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after she reportedly threw her shoe at her husband, Larry Black, when she caught the 49-year-old in bed with his mistress. And while far more dangerous criminals walk the streets, she is reportedly being held without bail at Volusia County Branch Jail.

Because of her shoe.

Larry Black says the shoe hit him in the left side of his face, but a police report indicates he wasn't injured and refused medical attention. Despite this—and in spite of the fact that he was caught putting his penis inside of another woman—he reportedly decided to play the victim and tell police his wife was being abusive. He also told them she was suicidal.

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When police arrived at their home, they reportedly found the wife lying down in the sand in the backyard, shouting profanities. She told cops she wasn't planning on killing herself, but did feel depressed and wants a divorce, and who can blame her for that. She also allegedly asked cops: "Wouldn't you be this upset if you came home to this?"

A fair question, but not one that kept her from being arrested.

Look, I understand an argument could be made that I would never defend a husband who whipped his shoe across his wife's face after finding her in bed with her lover. And when I unpack my own hypocrisy, I totally get why police had no choice but to arrest this woman. You simply can't unleash your anger on anyone by being physical, whether you're a 5-foot-2 woman or a UFC fighter.

But I can't help but feel like her husband—who wasn't seriously hurt, let's remember—could have let this one go and been a bit more understanding. I'm not sure it was necessary to get police involved in the matter, unless he honestly felt she was suicidal and wanted to protect her. Given the fact that she pretty much came face-to-face with the reality that her entire life was about to change in one afternoon, I would have spared her the additional punishment of being arrested and held without bail.

Do you think this woman deserves to be held without bail for throwing her shoe at her cheating husband?


Image via Volusia County Branch Jail

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