Mom of 3 Fatally Shot in the Head After Pulling Her Youngest Child to Safety

A young mother is dead, after being shot and killed by a stray bullet on Tuesday, January 27. Maria Lourdes Soza had just picked up her three children from school, and was standing in front of her San Francisco home, when she was struck in the head in broad daylight, while her kids helplessly watched in horror.


Lourdes, as she's known to loved ones, was only 32 years old. Police have ruled her a bystander, and are investigating whether or not her death had anything to do with another shooting nearby.

It happened as two vehicles reportedly sped by the family's duplex in the Bayview neighborhood. It's not known if it the shooting was gang-related or not, and no arrests have been made yet.

The mom of three was Nicaragua-born, and worked at a Subway shop at San Francisco International airport. She had big dreams for her children, and encouraged them to study hard so they could better themselves. 13-year-old Brianna said her mother wanted her "to be a good person, get good grades and have a good career." She continued, "She makes me laugh. She makes me smile. And I love her very much and she loves me too -- she loves her family."

This is absolutely heartbreaking. Brianna, her 9-year-old brother, 3-year-old sister, and their mom's boyfriend all witnessed the fatal shooting. Reports say that Soza pushed her youngest daughter out of the way of harm as she took a bullet. The boyfriend tried to give her aid, but it was too late. She was whisked away by paramedics within minutes, and pronounced dead at the hospital.

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With tears streaming down her face, Brianna shared, "I can't believe I lost my mom. I can't believe my mom just passed away ... I can't do anything without her. I miss her so much. I've been crying since yesterday until I fell asleep."

Bayview Station Chief Robert O'Sullivan said, "Regardless of the amount of training you have with these types of incidents, this one really hit home for all of us, especially knowing the victim was a young mother shot and killed in front of her family." He continued, sharing that he was numb for a bit. "This was so very different because you see a mother, grieving children and neighbors in shock. This was a very out-of-the-ordinary type of scene," he said.

Everything about this case is heartbreaking. The young, immigrant mother trying to make a better life for kids, only to have her life ripped away too soon. I'm praying those kids have some support, either through the boyfriend or family members -- someone who can comfort them and raise them to never forget how much their mom loved them. Because it's obvious that she did. She even gave her life for them.

How much does your heart break hearing this story?


Image via Lourdes Soza/Facebook

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