Man Accused of Running Over Pregnant Girlfriend After Asking if She's Ready for Abortion (VIDEO)

A man has been arrested after trying to run down his pregnant girlfriend with his car, and it was all caught on surveillance camera. Justin Lee Colby, 33, of Pasco, Florida, can be seen in a car veering off the road and straight into his seven months pregnant girlfriend, who was walking well off the road on some grass.


Reportedly, Colby and his girlfriend, Crystal Lynn Noordhuizen, had gotten into an argument before she decided to leave the house they share. According to her, Colby asked her, "Are you ready for your abortion date?" before she left.

As she was walking on the side of the road, up on a grassy portion, a white car, allegedly with Colby driving, appears to deliberately veer right into her. Reportedly, he then crashed into a pole and got out of the car, but didn't try to help his pregnant girlfriend.

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time Colby tried to run down someone with his car after a fight. In 2012, he reportedly ran over his brother after an argument. He was charged with aggravated battery and the brother suffered a broken knee. He reportedly told police he thought his brother would jump out of the way.

He'll have a hard time using that excuse this time, as Noordhuizen clearly has her back turned when Colby's car comes crashing into her.

Wow, what a horror show of a man to have as the father of your baby.

Luckily, Noordhuizen suffered only minor injuries. Kind of amazing when you see how the car plows into her. Take a look:

One can only hope Noordhuizen has the presence of mind to kick this loser to the curb, or she might end up dead on the curb next time.


Image via Tampa Bay Times

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